Show concepts

After so many acts performed for so many different types of events, three shows have emerged as the most entertaining to the widest selection of guests and we know they’ll put your event over the top!  

Pulp Fiction

pulp fiction Travolta and Samuel Jackson

“You know what they call a “Quarter Pounder” with Cheese in Paris?”

Throwing a decades party and need to find something super cool from the 90’s?

How fun would it be to recreate the Jack Rabbit Slim’s Twist Contest at your next event? 

How about the “Hitmen” Vincent and Jules “help” your VIP on or off the stage or greet your guests at the door?  Who knows, you may even find out what’s in the briefcase! 

Shoot your own inhouse production ala Pulp Fiction to tease an upcoming event.

Jules, Mia Wallace, Ed Sullivan and Marilyn Monroe available upon request.







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Saturday Night Fever

Saturday Night Fever Disco pose

“Can you dig it!”

“Travolta” gets everyone up to the dance floor to clap and cheer him on as he busts out the dance moves from the movie.  Your VIPs can slip into the white jacket to strut their stuff as well!  Everyone joins in on the “Hustle” line dance.

If your event is Disco, Studio 54 costumed themed or no theme at all… put fun in a firehose and turn it on full blast… that’s what this is!

If you’ve watched the video at the very top of this website then you need to know that the laughing and screaming from the audience was the live, raw reaction to “Travolta” taking the stage and busting out his dance moves!  Did you see the looks on the faces of the people in the audience?

We’d love to take credit for how much fun your guests will have with this act but the truth is… Disco is a fun theme to party on! 


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Grease Travolta checks hair

“Go Greased Lightnin'”

Danny Zuko gets the T-birds and Pink Ladies in your audience to help him pull off the “Greased Lightnin” performance.

Are any of your guests fans of “Summer lovin”?  or “You’re the one that I want”?  Bring them up to the front of the room and have them belt it out!

Whether you need mix or mingle or more of an interactive show… everyone loves Grease!


“Grease Gang” backup dancers available upon request.  










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